You are welcome to become a Bahá'í at any time.


Call us at 800-22-UNITE, or look on the web at the National Baha'i Center  for more information on becoming a Bahá'í.  Someone in your area will contact you and explain that this is really something that happens in your heart when you recognize that Baha'u'llah is the Messenger of God for today. 

There is a small card that is filled out that confirms your choice.  You may also meet with the Local Spiritual Assembly, a council of 9 people in your local area who will want to confirm that you understand the choice you've made and welcome you to the Bahá'í Community.

If you live in the Emerald Coast area, you can email Linda at

If you'd like to compare your current beliefs to those of seventeen major world religions, click here.  The Beliefnet website is not associated with the Bahá'í Faith.