Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program

The program is part of an educational process that develops the capacity in a population to take charge of its own spiritual, social, and intellectual development.  Goal These young people (junior youth) will emerge from the program imbued with a strong twofold moral purpose:  

  1. To develop their inherent potentialities,  
  2. To contribute to the transformation of society  

Junior Youth – Ages 11 – 15 This is a period of transition from childhood to youth, generally characterized by sudden and rapid change. This is the age during which a new consciousness rapidly develops. It is important for them to develop their power of expression, thought, and understanding. Creative attention must be devoted to involving them in programs of activity that will engage their interests, mold their capacities for service to their community, and involve them in social interaction with older youth.  Components of a Junior Youth Group 

  1. Spiritual and Intellectual Excellence  
  2. Not in the Mode of Religious Instruction  
  3. Weekly Youth Group Meetings  
  4. Prayers and Songs  
  5. Study Materials for the Development of Language and Expression  
  6. Service  
  7. Sciences and Arts Recreation  

Who Facilitates the Group An animator has come to be described as “An older person (youth) who is a true friend to the youth and can assist them in the development of their capacities.” Animators are unpaid volunteers who receive training to assist them in offering this service to the community.  Would you Like to Participate? There are many ways to be a part of this program that is open to all. The program is inspired by the Teachings of Baha’u’llah, the Founder of the Baha’I Faith.“Developing one’s potential and working for the welfare of society cannot be separated, for a person’s moral standards and behavior shape his or her environment and in turn are molded by the structure of society. “